Changing the display order of styles in the Quick Styles gallery

Sue Woolley
by Sue Woolley

Once you have set up your Quick Styles gallery with the styles you use most frequently, you should change the order so that your most frequently-used styles are at the beginning of the list. This will speed up the style selection process.

To change the order of styles:

  1. Click the diagonal arrow at the bottom right hand end of the Styles list on the Home tab.
    Diagonal arrow on the Styles list
    The Styles pane is displayed.
  2. Click the Manage Styles icon.
    Styles pane, Manage Styles icon highlighted
  3. Click the Recommend tab.
    Manage Styles window, Recommend tab
  4. Find the first style that you want to move in the gallery.
    Note: If the style is greyed out in the list, click Show to reinstate it.
    Styles list
    The number to the left of the style (between 1 and 99) determines the position of the style in the Quick Styles gallery. If two styles have the same number then they will be ordered alphabetically.
  5. Click Assign Value to change the position number.
  6. Select As recommended from the Sort order drop-down list.
    The list shows the styles in the order they are displayed in the Quick Styles gallery.
  7. Click OK to close the Manage Styles window and update the Quick Styles list.

This concludes my series of articles on the Microsoft Word Styles pane.

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